T-Bone & Dextrous[edit | edit source]

    • Goose: "Roger, I got him. Contact 20 left at 30 miles. 900 knots closure."
    • Maverick: "Cougar, you hear that?"
    • Cougar: "Roger... Merlin, you got him?"
    • Merlin: "Roger, I've got radar contact."
    • Maverick: "I'll get a visual ID. Cougar, you hook him."
    • Goose: "Roger, and I'll clean him and fry him."
  • [computer bleep] [machine gun fire] "Whoo! Ha-Ha, ha-ha-ha."
  • Hollywood: [explosion] "I'm hit! I'm hit! We're coming apart! I can't control it! O-9-0 20! We're going down!"
"Top Gun" (Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Part 4 - Running It Red))
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