Ming Star[edit | edit source]

    • "Henry, We've always been very close, haven't we Henry"
    • "Hello??"
    • "We're very close now; so close I can even hear your heart beating. It's beating very fast. Too Fast! You haven't got very long to live. Where is Catherine?"
    • "Shes with Verny, John Very!"
    • "You'll have to speak a little more clearly"
    • "John Verny!"
    • "Thank you"
"To The Devil A Doughnut" (King Of Woolworths)

White Zombie[edit | edit source]

    • "<Priest reciting in Latin>"
    • "It is not heresy, and I will not recant."
  • [women's screams]
"Super-Charger Heaven" (Astro Creep: 2000)
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