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    • Billy: "Pa, you know that friend I was telling you about, backing up the truck?
    • Pa: "What about your friend?"
    • Billy: "Well, she's, she's comin' out here this Sunday, to spend the weekend with us. Her and another girl."
    • Pa: "Boy, you know what you're sayin'?"
    • Billy: "I, uh... I met a real nice girl last night, Pa. She's nice... and pretty. You'll like her. Anyway, uh... You know she's never been on a farm in her entire life?"
    • Pa: "You said you stayed with your friend."
    • Billy: "I didn't do nothin' wrong, Pa. I swear it."
    • Pa: "Wrong? Boy, ain't you ever gonna learn? You can't be around women. Crazy things happen when you get involved... Like what you did after your ma died. Do you want me to send you up on your uncle's farm in Ohio like I did then?"
    • Billy: "It ain't gonna happen this time, Pa. She's a real nice girl. Spent the whole day together. I'm alright now. I know I am."
    • Pa: "That's what you said night before last. And I wound up burying four girls yesterday."
"Three On A Meathook" (Hacked Up For Barbeque)