Cage[edit | edit source]

  • Daigorō: "People said his brain was infected by devils."
"Agent Orange" (Movies For The Blind)

GZA/Genius[edit | edit source]

    • Ogami Asami: "I had a bad dream."
    • Ogami Ittō: "Don't be afraid. Bad dreams are only dreams. What a time you chose to be born."
"Cold World" (Liquid Swords)
    • Shogun: "Oh mad one, we see your trap. You can never escape your fate. Submit with honor to a duel with my son."
    • Ogami Ittō: "I agree."
"Duel of the Iron Mic" (Liquid Swords)
  • Ogami Ittō: "Choose the sword and you will join me. Choose the ball and you join your mother in death. You don't understand my words, but you must choose. So, come boy, choose life or death."
"4th Chamber" (Liquid Swords)
  • Master Of Death: "Your technique is magnificent. When cut across the neck, a sound like wailing winter winds is heard. I'd always hoped to cut someone like that someday to hear that sound. But to have it happen to my own neck is ridiculous"
"I Gotcha Back" (Liquid Swords)
  • Daigorō: "When I was little, my father was famous. He was the greatest samurai in the empire. And he was the shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of 131 lords. It was a bad time for the empire. The shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out. People said his brain was infected by devils. My father would come home. He would forget about the killings. He wasn't scared of the shogun, but the shogun was scared of him. Maybe that was the problem. Then, one night, the shogun sent his ninja spies to our house. They were supposed to kill my father. But they didn't. That was the night everything changed."
"Liquid Swords" (Liquid Swords)
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