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  • "She's ridden to the Sabbath. She's made love to the devil. She is a witch."
"Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)" (The Carnival Bizarre)

Electric Wizard[]

  • [footsteps] "I am Albino. You wish to see me?"
"I, The Witchfinder" (Dopethrone)
  • [Albino's laugh]
"Dopethrone" (Dopethrone)


    • [thumbscrews being tightened]
    • "I can't, I can't stand it any longer."
    • "We will see about it."
    • "I'm innocent."
  • [man being tortured on the rack]
  • [man being whipped with a switch]
"Bloody Pit Of Horror" (Ultimo Mondo Cannibale)


    • [woman moaning]
    • "You are tired already?"
    • "Been here since the morning."
    • "Give it another twist."
    • [woman screaming]
    • "Well?"
    • [woman moaning and crying]
    • "The sooner you confess, the sooner your pain will stop!"
    • "No confession yet? She's still talking about the bishop."
    • "The tongue..."
    • [sounds of chains]
    • [woman moaning and screaming]
    • "We must never weaken in performing God's work."
    • "Yes, my lord."
    • [woman screaming]
"Domain Of Death" (Domain Of Death)

Rob Zombie[]

  • "The devil is in all of you."
"Meet The Creeper" (Hellbilly Deluxe)