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"Abominus" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

  • Hun-Gurrr: "Terrorcons, fight everybody! Rrarrr!"
- Transformers (1985)

"Architeuthis" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

  • Narrator: "The giant squid is incredible. Since early times, tales of horror have been woven around these fantastic sea creatures. It is the largest, strongest, fastest, cruelest, most cunning and ferocious of all animals. With eyes the size of a volleyball, it is believed that the giant squid has the power to hypnotize most mammals."
- Fishing With John

"Chemically Castrated" (Death Metal Attack 2)[]

  • Inspector Morosini: "Bring in the perverts."
- The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

"Cobra Rage" (Engorged)[]

    • Cobra Commander: "Now that our audience is captivated, let us bend their will to ours."
    • Destro: "Disengage the subliminal enslavement program and put it on manual, Commander."
    • Cobra Commander: "Yes."
    • Baroness: "You are all under the spell of Cobra. You will do whatever we say."
    • Brainwashed Joes: "Yes, master."
    • Baroness: "Drop to your knees."
    • Brainwashed Joes: "Yes, master."
    • Baroness: "Shout 'long live Cobra'."
    • Brainwashed Joes: "Long live Cobra!"
- G.I. Joe (1985)

"Dawn Of The Dead" (Engorged)[]

  • Dr. Foster: "It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!"
Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

"D'Compose" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

    • Metlar: "Scatter the flesh slugs!"
    • D'Compose: "D'Compose!"
    • Herc: "Turned her into a nightmare!"
    • Auger: "It's impossible!"
    • Zombie Sandra: "And now I'm coming for you. D'Compose!"
- Inhumanoids (1986)

"Death Metal Attack 3" (Engorged)[]

  • Martin: "Nobody's gonna find out. Shitheads couldn't even stick him back in right. Well, I ain't gon' touch the slimy sucker ... Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment."
- Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
  • Trailer Narrator: [sound of drill ball] "If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead." [screams]
(from the movie's trailer)
- Phantasm

"Death Metal Attack 2000" (Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. Engorged)[]

  • Little Girl: "Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red. Mommy, it's raining red."
- Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers

"The Dreadnaught" (Engorged)[]

  • Quintesson Prosecutor: "Before his imperial magistrate delivers a verdict, would you like to beg for your life? It sometimes helps, but not often."
- Transformers: The Movie (1986)

"Engorged" (Death Metal Attack 2)[]

    • Gus: "Spell 'engorged'."
    • Chris: "Engorged. E-N-G-O-R-G-E-D."
- Get A Life (1990)

"The Final Giallo" (Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. Engorged)[]

  • Narrator: "The impulse had become irresistible."
- Tenebre

"House Of The Dead" (Death Metal Attack 2)[]

  • Reporter: " All police units have been issued heavy caliber sidearms. In fact, it will be essential to hit the zombie in the head in order to bring him down definitively."
  • Dr. Foster: "A dead body must be exterminated either by destroying the brain or severing the brain from the rest of the body."
- Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
  • "The only way to kill them is a bullet right through the head. That's the only way to stop them."
- Hell Of The Living Dead
  • "In the name of Baron Samedi, in the name of the five ministers of the kingdom of Eite and through the procession of the black people of the mountain, I order you <???>, I order you to arise and obey me! Obey Me!"
- Horror Rises From The Tomb

"Huge Gaping Hole" (Death Metal Attack)[]

  • Stanley: "Crushed skull. Probable cause repeated blows to the back of the head with a blunt obtuse-angled object."
- Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

"March Of The Engorged" (Engorged)[]

  • Starscream: "Pathetic fools, there's no escape!"
- Transformers: The Movie (1986)

"N.O.T.L.D." (Engorged)[]

  • Trailer Narrator: "Night of the Living Dead has ended. Dawn of the Dead is here."
​- Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
    • Johnny: "They're coming to get you, Barbara."
    • Barbara: "Stop it. You're ignorant."
    • Johnny: "They're coming for you, Barbara."
    • Barbara: "Stop it. You're acting like a child."
    • Johnny: "They're coming for you. Look, there comes one of them now!"
- Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

"Pigs Blood Blues" (The Horror Hive)[]

  • Narrator: "Zarak, evil leader of the Hive, has succeeded in turning the Hive's entire city into a super robot, the most powerful ever created."
- Transformers (1985)

"Raping The Full House Twins" (Death Metal Attack)[]

  • "Hello. No, daddy isn't home. Neither is mommy. I'm alone. Yes, goodbye."
- Demons 2

"Return Of The Living Dead" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

  • Prof. Peabody: "Never is it to be thought that man is the oldest or the last of the masters of Earth. The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. The winds gibber with Their voices; the earth mutters with Their consciousness. They bend the forest. They raise up the waves. They crush the cities, yet not forest or ocean or cities beholds the hand that smites. As a foulness shall They be known to the race of man. Their hands are at the throats of men forever. From the beginning of known time to the end of time known, man rules where once They ruled. Soon, They shall rule again where man rules now. They shall return and on this returning shall great Cthulhu be freed from R'lyeh beneath the sea, and Him Who Is Not To Be Named shall come from His city, which is Carcosa near the lake of Hali, and Shub-Niggurath shall come forth and multiply in her hideousness, and Nyarlathotep shall carry the word to the Great Old Ones and their millions, and Yog-Sothoth, who is all in one and one in all, shall lay his hand upon that who oppose him and destroy. Then from the black-litten caverns within the earth, where all is chaos and destruction, shall come the noxious Azathoth and together They will take possession of all things that live upon earth."
- Night Gallery

"Shockwaves" (Engorged)[]

  • SS Commander: "They were the most vicious and bloodthirsty of all the SS divisions. We created the perfect soldier from cheap hoodlums and a good number of pathological murderers and sadists as well. We called them der Totenkorps, the Death Corps. Creatures more horrible than any could imagine. Not dead, not alive, but somewhere in between."
  • Narrator: "No one knows who they were or what became of them. But one thing is certain. Of all the SS units, there was only one that the Allies never captured a single member of."
- Shock Waves

"Stinger" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

  • Quintesson scientist: "Humans are disgusting creatures, but worthy of study, if just to find a better way of destroying them. Begin the experiment."
- Transformers (1985)

"The Thing" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

  • [the Thing roaring]
- The Thing (1982)
  • Scotty: "One of the world's greatest battles was fought and won today by the human race. Here at the top of the world a handful of American soldiers and civilians met the first invasion from another planet. ... The flying saucer which landed here and its pilot have been destroyed.... I bring you a warning: Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies."
- The Thing From Another World

"Werewolf Militia" (Where Monsters Dwell)[]

    • Larry Talbot: In a half an hour the moon will rise and I'll turn into a wolf."
    • Wilbur: "You and twenty million other guys."
    • Larry Talbot: "Listen! I might tear you limb from limb!"
    • Wilbur: "Is that serious?"
    • Chick "He'll murder ya!"
    • Wilbur: "That's serious."
- Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein
  • Dr. Yogami: "Werewolfery. Lycanthrophobia is the medical term for the affliction I speak of."
  • Dr. Yogami: "The werewolf is neither man nor wolf, but a satanic creature with the worst qualities of both."
- Werewolf Of London

"XYY Triad" (Death Metal Attack 2)[]

    • "Recently, an American research team examined the entire criminal population of a federal penitentiary. And they made a sensational discovery. Of the two hundred convicted murderers they examined, an extraordinarily high percentage had this XYY pattern which is usually so rare."
    • "So what you're saying is this XYY pattern indicates a tendency toward violence."
- The Cat O' Nine Tails