The Sample Source List Wiki

"Vinum Sabbathi" (Dopethrone)[]

  • "When you get into one of these groups, there's only a couple of ways you can get out. One is death. The other is mental institutions." (from a segment entitled "The Devil Worshippers")
- 20/20

"We Hate You" (Dopethrone)[]

    • "You see man as a rather dismal creature."
    • "Yes. Why not? Look around, you'll see what's there. Fear and frightened people who kill what they can't understand."
- The Dunwich Horror

"We Live" (We Live)[]

    • "Something must have forced him over. Did you get anything out of the witnesses?"
    • "Yes sir. Exactly the same story from all of them. Two motorcyclists jabbing at his tire with a knife."
    • "Any identification?"
    • "Yeah, the living dead again."
- Psychomania

"Wizards Of Gore" (Supercoven)[]

  • [woman screaming]
  • Sardu: "Good, good, good, good, good. What a marvelous, wonderful, attentive audience you are. And now may I add, a brave one, too. Now those of you who are weak-willed or cowards would have fled by now or regurgitated over the seats in front of you. Tonight we begin with torture. Again I warn you that if you find what you see is a little upsetting to your stomachs, then just pretend we're playacting. But if you are skeptical or bored, then just pretend that what you see is real. Magic? Then let Mr. Silo explain our next trick... dismemberment."
  • [woman screaming]
- Bloodsucking Freaks