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Ice Cube[]

  • "Aint nobody talking while I'm talking fellas so shut the fuck up. The following items get placed in the envelope as I call them off. An empty wallet, legal paperwork. The first three out of the tank. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, do your ears one at a time, bend your heads over shake them out with your fingers. Hand above your head, hands out in front of you. Look down and lift up your nut sack, drop you nut sack and skin back your dick. Turn around, one foot at a time, wiggle your toes. Now the other foot. Bend over grap your ass, spred your cheeks and give me two good coughs..."
"The First Day of School" (The Predator)
  • "Ain't nobody talking when I'm talking fellas, so shut the fuck up."
"Really Doe" (Lethal Injection)


  • "When we were kids, belonging felt good, but having respect, that feels even better."
"Death Around The Corner" (Me Against The World)